Australia: Campaign urges expecting mums to take a ‘Pregnant Pause’

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Alcohol plays an important part in the social life of most Australians, and giving it up can be tough, even if you’re pregnant.

To help pregnant women, the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) is urging mothers-to-be across Canberra to take a ‘Pregnant Pause’.

Their message is simple: “there is no ‘safe’ amount of drinking, no ‘safe’ alcohol-strength and no ‘safe’ time during pregnancy to drink alcohol.”

They are calling for everything from wellness spas to restaurants, cafes, sports clubs, gyms, galleries, early learning centres, and doctor’s surgeries to become ‘Community Heroes’ by offering their support and creating spaces where women will find it easier to not take a drink and be supported in their decision.

The face of the campaign is Kristen Davidson from Mix 106.3 FM, who also happens to be expecting a baby.

“Being pregnant for the first time, I am aware that it’s a big responsibility and sometimes challenging to make changes to things like diet and routines to give babies the healthiest start in life. And this is especially true when it comes to drinking alcohol,” she says.

“Becoming pregnant can be a time of joy and celebration, with milestones along the journey acknowledged and shared through social interactions and events involving alcohol. It can be tricky for women who are pregnant to be at the centre of these celebrations in our community while abstaining from alcohol.”

Kristen Davidson

FARE CEO Caterina Giorgi says it isn’t easy for anyone to go alcohol-free and there are many mixed messages within the community about how much alcohol is safe for a pregnant woman to consume. Pregnant Pause aims to make it easier.

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Written by James Coleman  27 June 2020

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