Healthy Parents Healthy Children: Cannabis is legal, but what does that mean for mothers when breastfeeding?

Cannabis There is no known safe amount of cannabis (marijuana, hashish, hash oil) to use while breastfeeding. If a mom uses cannabis, it could affect

Worst rate since 1948: Syphilis outbreak declared in Alberta

With syphilis rates at their highest in Alberta since 1948, the province’s chief medical officer of health declared an outbreak Tuesday and pledged to address

Research: Accuracy of five self‐report screening instruments for substance use in pregnancy

Steven J. Ondersma , Grace Chang, Tiffany Blake‐Lamb, Kathryn Gilstad‐Hayden, John Orav, Jessica R. Beatty, Gregory L. Goyert, Kimberly A. Yonkers First published: 19 June 2019 Abstract Background and aims The accuracy of

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