Talking About Contraception with Women

Talking about contraception can be an effective approach to engaging women in the Prevention Conversation. Research shows that brief interventions offering women a choice between decreasing alcohol use and/or increasing use of contraception are particularly effective for reducing the risk of alcohol-exposed pregnancies. In many studies, a higher proportion of women reduce the risk of an alcohol-exposed pregnancy by using contraception, rather than by reducing their alcohol use.

Contraception is most effective when the method used is acceptable to women within the context of their lives, culture, and relationships. Questions you can explore with women:

“How important is it to me to use birth control every time I have sex?”

“How confident am I that I will use my current birth control every time I have sex?

You can support women in making a decision that is right for them by:

  • »  Encouraging them to discuss birth control options with their partner (if appropriate)
  • »  Helping them find accessible information about birth control
  • »  Helping them learn about how they can access birth control in their community (e.g., drug store, walk-in clinic, family doctor).

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