Our core messaging includes:

“Safest not to drink alcohol in pregnancy.”

“Drinking can be harmful at any point during pregnancy. The baby’s brain and nervous system develops throughout the entire pregnancy and may lead to a lifelong disability of FASD.” 

“Alcohol and pregnancy don’t mix. If you drink alcohol and are sexually active, make sure you use effective contraception.”

“Some women need support, care, and treatment to help them stop drinking during pregnancy by walking with her. If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, consider talking to your healthcare provider or asking for help on learning more about support and services in your community.” 

“Friends, partners, and family members can support a pregnant woman by asking how they can help her to make healthy choices and healthy babies.”


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  1. I have said for many years now that for the “Prevention Conversation” to be effective in PREVENTION, we need to be conversing with women of child bearing years [and their partners]!! Conversation is a powerful tool and is key to the educational/learning process we all experience. As such if we are not talking to women and their partners, we are missing a major element in the educational process and thereby weakening the potential outcome of the conversation as a prevention tool.
    (Rod DeVries Prevention Conversation Facilitator)

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