Australia: Pregnancy warnings on alcoholic beverages will now be mandatory

ABC Alice Springs By Oliver Gordon The bottle on the left features the new tri-colour warning. The one on the right does not.(Supplied: AHRC) Multi-coloured

A reduction in reported alcohol use in pregnancy in Australian Aboriginal communities: a prevention campaign showing promise

Martyn Symons, Maureen Carter, June Oscar, Glenn Pearson, Kaashifah Bruce, Kristy Newett, James P. Fitzpatrick Abstract Objective: Aboriginal leaders in remote Western Australian communities with

Australia: Campaign urges expecting mums to take a ‘Pregnant Pause’

Alcohol plays an important part in the social life of most Australians, and giving it up can be tough, even if you’re pregnant. To help

Australia: New labels warning pregnant women about alcohol anger wine industry

Key points: The food safety authority is pushing for mandatory warning labels on alcoholic drinks to replace the current voluntary scheme Small wineries say the

Prevention Campaigns Around The World: Australia’s ‘Pregnant Pause’

As we are working our way towards International FASD Day on September 9th, 2019, we would like to highlight some of the great prevention campaigns

CanFASD: Conference Highlights the 2nd Australian FASD Conference 2018: Our Science, Our Stories

DECEMBER 11, 2018 BY CANFASDBLOG Lindsay Wolfson, MPH Lindsay is a Research Coordinator at the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health and a consultant at the Canada