Cannabis use during pregnancy in the United States: The role of depression

Renee D.Goodwin, JiaqiZhu, ZoeHeisler, Torri D.Metz, KatarzynaWyka, MelodyWu, RinaDas Eiden Highlights Cannabis use is more common among pregnant US women with vs. without depression.

Improving detection of prenatal alcohol exposure using complementary tools

Newswise — Drinking while pregnant can harm the developing fetus, leading to physical, cognitive, and neurobehavioral effects that may persist into adulthood. No safe level

Socioeconomic Characteristics of Women with Substance Use Disorder during Pregnancy and Neonatal Outcomes in their Newborns: a National Registry Study from the Czech Republic

ViktorMravčík, BlankaNechanská, RomanGabrhelík, MarteHandal, MiladaMahic, SvetlanaSkurtveit Highlights Substance use disorder (SUD) is associated with worse socioeconomic characteristics. The characteristics are less favourable in illicit

Understanding the Relationship between Predictors of Alcohol Consumption in Pregnancy: Towards Effective Prevention of FASD

by Isabel Corrales-Gutierrez, Ramon Mendoza, Diego Gomez-Baya, Fatima Leon-Larios  Abstract Background: Prenatal alcohol exposure can produce serious changes in neurodevelopment that last a lifetime, as

Australia: New labels warning pregnant women about alcohol anger wine industry

Key points: The food safety authority is pushing for mandatory warning labels on alcoholic drinks to replace the current voluntary scheme Small wineries say the

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