Mindfulness Approaches for Addressing Substance Use Concerns: A conversation starter for substance use service providers

A Mustard Seed of Hope: Culturally grounded approaches within wraparound care for pregnant and parenting women dealing with substance use and trauma

Citation: Van Bibber, M., Rutman, D., Hubberstey, C., & Poole, N. (2022). “A mustard seed of hope”: Culturally grounded approaches within wraparound care for pregnant

CCSA: Canadian Substance Use Costs and Harms

Harms due to substance use continue to have a profound effect on Canadian healthcare systems. Substance use led to $13.4 billion in healthcare costs in 2020

Parents Like Us: The Unofficial Survival Guide To Parenting A Young Person With A Substance Use Disorder

The authors of this book are parents. Parents like you. We have many similarities and differences, but one thing that we all have in common

Alcohol and Health Series: Talk With Youth About Alcohol

If you are thinking about talking to youth about alcohol, it can be hard toknow where to start. You might be unsure about the subject

Thinking About Pregnancy? A Booklet To Reflect On Alcohol Use Before You Are Pregnant.

Why is thinking about alcohol important? Many people are unaware that drinking any amount can impact health and wellness. Being aware of these risks is

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