The Conceivables Series

In the UK drinking alcohol is common, but many people don’t understand the risk it poses during pregnancy. This series uses friendly characters to look

Considerations for Virtual Services and Supports for Substance Use and Concurrent Disorders

COVID-19 safety restrictions drove the need for online and phone services to replace face-to-face counselling and supports. People using substances are experiencing virtual services differently

Addressing stigma as a catalyst to reduce alcohol use in pregnancy

Substance use and addiction are highly stigmatized, particularly for pregnant women and women of reproductive age. Women who use substances often experience multiple forms of

New resources from PHAC to prevent substance-related harms among youth

New resources for preventing substance-related harms among youth are now available. The Public Health Agency of Canada developed The Blueprint for Action: Preventing substance-related harms among

#WineMoms: Humour and Empowerment or Binge Drinking and Mental Health Challenges?

The term ‘wine mom’ and the culture behind it has grown in recent years as mothers have begun sharing their experiences online on various social

CCSA: My Journey Begins with Compassion

Stigma is a major barrier to the well-being and recovery of people with lived and living experience of substance use disorders. This animated video about

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