CanFASD: Moving Towards FASD-Informed Care In Substance Use Treatment

CanFASD published a guide that outlines evidence-based practices to support people with FASD who are in treatment for substance use. With rates of substance use hospitalizations

Reducing Stigma: Writing and Talking about FASD

The language we use and the ways in which we use it are important. Based on tenets of the Prevention Conversation and the CanFASD Common

‘This is what I needed’ Reflections from women who have experienced alcohol dependence in pregnancy

‘What I Needed’ Reflections from women who have experienced alcohol dependence in pregnancy.

NOFASD Australia: Alcohol and Pregnancy

Did you know – almost one in three Australians aren’t aware that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)? Any alcohol

International FASD Prevention Seminar Series

Research about preventing FASD is advancing across the globe. In 2022, CanFASD sponsored a five-part seminar series that brought together 14 researchers from around the

CanFASD: Building Connections Improving FASD Awareness Across Canada

FASD Day and FASD Month is a great opportunity to bring attention to FASD nationally and internationally. But we need a united front to get

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