Prevention Campaigns Around The World: NOFAS Stamp Out Stigma Campaign


Join the NOFAS Stamp Out Stigma Campaign!

Join NOFAS and the NOFAS Circle of Hope to stop the stigma of birth mothers of children with FASD and the stigma of all individuals and families living with the disorders.

Preventing FASD and helping individuals living with FASD is challenging! One of the biggest barriers is the stigma associated with FASD and drinking during pregnancy.  Join NOFAS and the NOFAS Circle of Hope to stop the stigma of birth mothers of children with FASD and all children, adults, and families touched by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.

Watch the Video!

Read the NOFAS Statement on Stigma

This in-depth statement addresses the stigma of birth mothers, adoptive/foster parents, and caregivers, those with FASD.

Take Action!

NOFAS and NOFAS Circle of Hope members are working together to Stamp Out Stigma and they need YOUR help. Here’s what you can do:

  • Take the pledge on (CLOSED) to help stop the stigma of birth mothers of children with FASD and of individuals and families living with FASD .
  • Post one or more of the NOFAS anti-stigma statements from the pledge on your social media accounts and ask friends to like and share.
  • Join NOFAS for the Stamp Out Stigma Twitter Chat and repost the tweets.
  • Change your language as you write and talk about FASD. Use the term “prenatal alcohol exposure” rather than “maternal alcohol exposure.”
  • Speak up when someone says something that is shaming or insensitive of women, families, or individuals with an FASD.
  • Don’t support legislation that seeks to incarcerate or punish women for drinking alcohol while pregnant.
  • Support efforts that will increase access to addiction treatment for women and their children.
  • Tell your friends about the NOFAS anti-stigma campaign and webpage.
  • Urge researchers and clinicians in your circle or discipline to use language that counters the stigma of FASD.

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