New Book, Mothers, Addiction and Recovery: Finding Meaning Through the Journey

This anthology is a collection of personal accounts, research, treatment approaches and policy commentary exploring women’s experiences of mothering in the context of addiction. Individual

Opioid-affected babies should be kept with moms, say doctors

By Lynn Desjardins | The Canadian Paediatric Society has issued new guidelines for the health care of babies born suffering from exposure to their

New psychology study finds adverse childhood experiences transfer from one generation to the next

University of Calgary researcher Sheri Madigan explores ‘cascade of risks’ for mothers and infants By Heath McCoy, Faculty of Arts, University of Calgary University of

Analysis: Fetal alcohol syndrome a complex problem

Fetal alcohol syndrome a complex problem: Shame-and-blame approach won’t work By: Ab Chudley and Sally Longstaffe Posted: 12/22/2015 3:00 AM : Brian Giesbrecht has raised interesting