Mothers’ Mental Health Toolkit: A Resource For The Community

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A mother’s mental health is critical to the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of herself and her children. The adjustment to mothering is always a big step in a woman’s personal development. Significant mental and emotional problems are one of the most common complications of childbirth, affecting at least two in ten women.

This toolkit was developed as a public resource for community service providers and families for education, advocacy, and treatment support for mothers with mental health problems. The materials are drawn from general medical and clinical knowledge and the particular experience of the principal developers, together with a wide variety of information in the broad public realm. Included are original descriptions and writing from the author/developers. Where possible effort was made to provide specific acknowledgement of other original sources. As well, we have included general lists of references and resources, print and web-based.  

Click to download full toolkit: mmh-toolkit


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