Women who quit: 5 inspiring reads for the sober curious, and those aiming for a healthier New Year

Posted by Anna Brech Retrieved from https://www.stylist.co.uk/books/women-memoirs-quitting-alcohol/469673

Want to cut back on your drinking in the New Year? Draw inspiration with our pick of raw, funny and moving quit lit memoirs to get you started on a life less boozy.

Improved sleepBetter mental health. Fewer mood swingsYounger skin. The health benefits of cutting down on alcohol are well-documented – and yet, we’re boozing more than ever right now. The stress of this year is driving home our dependence on all things wine and spirits, with studies finding a direct link between binge drinking and lockdown

So how to make the leap of faith off this toxic merry-go-round? 

Whether you’re planning on quitting completely or simply want to rein things in, good role models are really helpful. 

We want stories from women like us, who have been there with a similar struggle and have lived to tell the tale. More importantly, we need living proof that boozing less is not only good to do – it can be fun, too, with a raft of feel-good benefits.

From gritty memoirs to practical guides, here are five great books to get you started on your journey to a less drunk you, for a healthier New Year. We’ll cheers (with cranberry juice) to that. 

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