CBC, The Current: Drinking a lot during the pandemic? Why some are turning to more mindful consumption

CBC Radio · Posted: Jul 13, 2021 1:11 PM ET Nine years ago, Laura Willoughby started to worry about how much alcohol she was consuming. “I was

Why do Dry January?

Retrieved from https://alcoholchange.org.uk/get-involved/campaigns/dry-january Dry January means going alcohol-free for the month of January, and that can bring huge, obvious benefits – but the really good

Women who quit: 5 inspiring reads for the sober curious, and those aiming for a healthier New Year

Posted by Anna Brech Retrieved from https://www.stylist.co.uk/books/women-memoirs-quitting-alcohol/469673 Want to cut back on your drinking in the New Year? Draw inspiration with our pick of raw, funny and moving

2020 Was Going To Be The Year Of The Sober-Curious Movement. Now What?

Huffington Post, By Julie Kendrick From the clinking cocktails of Zoom happy hours to Ina Garten’s giant cosmo-for-one, there’s plenty of evidence that during the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing is

Are You Thinking About Becoming Sober Curious?

In the never-ending quest for better health, many people are adding “sobriety” to their repertoire — giving up alcohol entirely, whether or not they have an addiction