ScienceDaily: Binge drinking may be more damaging to women

Date: August 19, 2019 Source: University of Missouri-Columbia Summary: In a recently published study examining the effects of binge drinking on rats, researchers discovered that

CTV News: Depression top risk factor for substance use during pregnancy, study finds

Depression can be common among pregnant women and new study from Western University is showing it can lead to health risks for both mother and

Research: Accuracy of five self‐report screening instruments for substance use in pregnancy

Steven J. Ondersma , Grace Chang, Tiffany Blake‐Lamb, Kathryn Gilstad‐Hayden, John Orav, Jessica R. Beatty, Gregory L. Goyert, Kimberly A. Yonkers First published: 19 June 2019 Abstract Background and aims The accuracy of

USA: Pregnant women with substance use disorders need treatment, not prison

By MARTY JESSUP More than 210,000 women spent Mother’s Day 2019 in America’s prisons and jails. Two-thirds of them are mothers of young children; an unknown number are

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