Screening and Intervention Practices for Alcohol Use by Pregnant Women and Women of Childbearing Age: Results of a Canadian Survey

Wendy Sword RN, PhD, Courtney Green PhD, MSc, NooriAkhtar-Danesh PhD, Sarah D.McDonald MD, MSc, Kyla Kaminsky MA, Nicole Roberts MSc, Jocelynn Cook PhD, MBA Journal

Alarming survey: 1 in 4 young adults don’t know women shouldn’t drink while pregnant

NEW YORK — There are many risks that go along with drinking alcohol. For a pregnant woman, those risks can be especially harmful for their unborn

mtltimes: Drinking alcohol and baby making don’t mix

Tomorrow, the Canada Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Research Network (CanFASD) will launch its first-ever national social media campaign. The eight-week campaign will shed light on

Pregnant Women’s Acceptability of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use Screening and Willingness to Disclose Use in Prenatal Care

Signy M.Toquinto CNM, WHNP, MS, MA, Nancy F.Berglas DrPH, Monica R.McLemore RN, MPH, PhD, AnaDelgado CNM, MS, Sarah C.M.Roberts DrPH Abstract Purpose Despite the

Study shows pandemic affecting Canadians’ consumption of alcohol and cannabis

Young adults draw caution from Red Cross, CCSA  Latest results from an ongoing Pan Canadian study by the Canadian Red Cross suggest a portion of

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