Have you seen… Let’s get real about sex and drinking

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The Prevention Conversation

  • The Prevention Conversation has trained over 15,000 individuals since 2014 to discuss alcohol and the related risks with all women of childbearing age.
  • In addition, over 20,000 people have accessed FASD prevention conversation resources through community development initiatives.
  • Those trained have since reported a significant increase in knowledge around FASD and feel they know how to support women who have confirmed drinking while pregnant.


CanFASD’s July 2017 research suggested that 4% of individuals in Canada have FASD, an increase from the previous 1-2%. Although FASD supports and services were in place in Alberta, an effective public prevention strategy was necessary. As a result, the Government of Alberta adult prevention initiative called, “Let’s Talk about Alcohol and Pregnancy” was started to target 18-45-year-old women of childbearing years. But what about the kids? Shortly after, the “Let’s Get Real About Sex and Drinking” was developed to target adolescents between the ages of 12-17 years.

The program has been developed as a train-the trainer model, enabling those that work with adolescent audiences to train their youth and consequently, build capacity.

Resources were developed that include:

  • Let’s Get Real Training Manual
  • Let’s Get Real Presentation
  • Let’s Get Real Game
  • Let’s Get Real Website
  • Let’s Get Real Instagram and SnapChat
  • Tips Sheets

Anyone interested in the resources or training please click here!

The Let’s Get Real project is in partnership with the Government of Alberta.

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