Many women and health care providers assume CBD safe during pregnancy despite lack of research

While most women of childbearing age understand drinking alcohol while pregnant is harmful, they may be less skeptical about the safety of cannabidiol (CBD), even

Alcohol industry-funded websites fail to give full evidence on key risks of alcohol consumption in pregnancy

Alcohol industry-funded bodies may increase health risk to pregnant women by disseminating misinformation on their websites, according to a new study published in the Journal of

Rutgers Study: Drinking During Pregnancy Alters Genes in Newborns, Mothers

Researchers found changes to two genes in women who drank moderate to high levels of alcohol during pregnancy. Credits: Syani Mukherjee/Rutgers University-New Brunswick NEW BRUNSWICK –

Study in rats suggests special occasion drinking during pregnancy may cause harm

by Julia Turan, The Physiological Society If you thought a glass or two of alcohol on special occasions was safe during pregnancy, think again. Research in

Predictors of Alcohol Use Disorders in Argentinean Pregnant Women

Reference: López, M. B., Lichtenberger, A., & Cremonte, M. (2019). Predictors of Alcohol Use Disorders in Argentinean Pregnant Women. Journal of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Risk and

Pregnant Women Face Unique Challenges in the Opioid Crisis

By Kieran McLean Pregnant women occupy a troubling—and perhaps overlooked—corner of the opioid epidemic. The amount of women affected has skyrocketed: Opioid use disorder among

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