The Effects of Alcohol Warning Labels on Population Alcohol Consumption: An Interrupted Time Series Analysis of Alcohol Sales in Yukon, Canada

JINHUI ZHAO, PH.D., TIM STOCKWELL, PH.D., KATE VALLANCE, M.A., & ERIN HOBIN, PH.D. ABSTRACT. Objective: There is limited evidence that alcohol warning labels (AWLs) affect

Alcohol use during pregnancy linked to offspring depression

by University of Bristol Credit: CC0 Public Domain Children of mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy may be at an increased risk of developing depression in

Opportunities for enhancing pregnancy planning and preconception health behaviours of Australian women

Adina Y.Lang, Cheryce L.Harrison, GeraldineBarrett, Jennifer A.Hall, Lisa J.Moran, Jacqueline A.Boyle Abstract Problem and background The preconception period provides a significant opportunity to engage

CanFASD STATEMENT: Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) during the COVID-19 pandemic

CanFASD-Statement-on-Coronavirus The Canada Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Research Network and the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health are committed to supporting Canadians, our stakeholders, and

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