Government of Canada: Wellness Together Canada, Mental Health and Substance Use Support


We recognize the significant strain that COVID-19 has placed on individuals and families across the country. Many people are concerned about their physical and mental well being. Canadians are being challenged in a number of ways because of isolation, financial and employment uncertainty and disruptions to daily life. Wellness Together Canada provides tools and resources to help get Canadians back on track. These include modules for addressing low mood, worry, substance use, social isolation and relationship issues.

Where to Start

Wellness Together Canada provides free online resources, tools, apps and connections to trained volunteers and qualified mental health professionals when needed. Click the ‘Get Started’ button below to create an account and answer a series of questions to guide you in choosing from a variety of tools and resources to get you back on track.

You can access educational resources and immediate support crisis lines below without creating an account.



If you are in crisis or require support right away, please choose from one of the crisis options below:

Youth: Text WELLNESS to 686868
Adults: Text WELLNESS to 741741

Call 911 if you are in immediate danger or need urgent medical support.


Canadians are resourceful and our population is diverse. To meet people’s individual needs and preferences, we are offering a wide range of resources and support for Canadians. The resources below can be accessed without creating an account.

Create an account to get started and access more resources and support.

For more information please click here.

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