CanFASD: FASD Day Toolkit

FASD Awareness Month Toolkit — September 9th is International FASD Awareness Day. FASD Day was first celebrated in 1999. It is a day devoted to raising awareness of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) to improve prevention of FASD and diagnosis and support for individuals with FASD.

Throughout the month of September, events are held across Canada in recognition of FASD Day. However, one day is not enough. At CanFASD, we recognize September as FASD Month and encourage all our followers to continue to work towards increased awareness of FASD throughout FASD Month and beyond.

Research is an integral part of developing effective, evidence-based programs and policies to prevent FASD, diagnose individuals with FASD, and provide supports to help individuals with FASD succeed in the community. This year, CanFASD is placing a focus on raising awareness of the importance of research within the field of FASD to ensure the resources and supports developed to address FASD are effective.

CanFASD is taking the opportunity during FASD Month to highlight the research they have conducted in this field to raise awareness of the importance of evidence-based policies and programs in addressing the realities of FASD.

We need everyone’s help to raise awareness about FASD and the importance of research to develop effective policies and programs for FASD prevention, diagnosis, and support.

CanFASD has created this toolkit to help you get started.


CanFASD FASD Month Toolkit pdf
Click here to download the toolkit!

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