CanFASD: Moving Towards FASD-Informed Care In Substance Use Treatment

CanFASD published a guide that outlines evidence-based practices to support people with FASD who are in treatment for substance use. With rates of substance use hospitalizations

CanFASD New Course: FASD For Community and Social Services Professionals Level 2

CanFASD’s newest online course went live last night!FASD for Community and Social Services Professionals Level II is designed for frontline workers that work directly with

Register Now for CanFASD’s Webinar: Reducing Stigma, Writing and Talking About FASD!

Topic: Reducing Stigma: Writing and Talking About FASD Description: The language we use and the ways in which we use it are important. Based on

CanFASD: Building Connections Improving FASD Awareness Across Canada

FASD Day and FASD Month is a great opportunity to bring attention to FASD nationally and internationally. But we need a united front to get

FASD Prevention: An Annotated Bibliography of Articles Published in 2021

This year’s Annotated Bibliography of Articles Published in 2021 was just released by CanFASD and the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, and includes 99 articles from

CanFASD Webinar Registration

Emerging Research in Action: CanFASD Trainee Webinar Series Description For the past several months, eight trainees have engaged in the novel CanFASD Trainee Program led

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