Another Look At Why Alcohol May Be More Dangerous Than Heroin

An authoritative 2010 study led by former UK drug czar David Nutt found alcohol to be the most dangerous drug in the country. The research rated 20 drugs based on 16 criteria: nine related to the harms that a drug produces in the individual and seven to the harms to others.

“Our findings  … accord with the conclusions of previous expert reports that aggressively targeting alcohol harm is a valid and necessary public health strategy,” the authors of the study wrote.

Another way to view the study’s findings has been published by 12 Keys Recovery. The infographic details types of harm caused by each drug and looks at the two types of harm. Alcohol stands out, especially in regard to collateral damage.

Ranking the Collateral Damage of 10 Drugs [Infographic]
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Infographic by 12 Keys Recovery
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