REGISTER- Acute care and addiction treatment for mothers and children (October 22, 2020)

Don’t forget to register for Acute Care and Addiction Treatment for Mothers and Children. This is the third webinar in the series Learning and Acting

COVID-19 Q&As: Rachel Rabin on coping with addiction during the pandemic

“This new normal, and all the uncertainty that comes with it may elicit feelings of stress, depression, loneliness, anger and anxiety… which are prominent risk

CTV: Alcohol sales on the rise during COVID-19 pandemic

With bars and restaurants shut down, more Canadians are raising their glasses remotely. According to the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, alcohol sales increased significantly

Science News: Brain cells that suppress drug cravings may be the secret to better addiction medicines

Date: September 9, 2019 Source: Scripps Research Institute Summary: Scientists have shed light on poorly understood brain mechanisms that suppress drug and alcohol cravings, uncovering

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