Why Are Women More Vulnerable to Alcohol Than Men?

Women are generally more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol because:

  • On average, women weigh less and people who weigh less reach higher blood alcohol levels compared to people who weigh more.
  • Women have more adipose tissue (fat), causing alcohol to be absorbed more slowly and the effects of alcohol to take longer to wear off.
  • Women have less water in their bodies to dilute alcohol. If a woman and a man of the same weight drink an equal amount of alcohol, a woman’s blood alcohol concentration will be higher.
  • Women have lower levels of the enzymes that break down alcohol. This lower level of enzymes means that alcohol remains in a woman’s system longer.


Retrieved from: http://www.ccsa.ca/Resource%20Library/CCSA-Women-and-Alcohol-Summary-2014-en.pdf 

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