Take Home Message for Women


Women need to know that alcohol affects them differently than men, and that it is safest not to consume alcohol when pregnant. To be low risk, women need to keep within the single-day and weekly limits for their sex (maximum 2 drinks/day up to 10 drinks per week) and remember that even drinking within the Low Risk Drinking Guidelines does not mean there is no risk to drinking. It is impossible to provide drinking guidelines for every disease and circumstance, as these depend on each person’s risks for those conditions. Women concerned about alcohol-related conditions should drink less than the limits recommended in the Low Risk Drinking Guidelines. Women can consult their healthcare providers to understand the impact of their drinking habits. Not drinking alcohol at all might be the healthiest choice for some women.

Originally posted on http://www.ccsa.ca/Resource%20Library/CCSA-Women-and-Alcohol-Summary-2014-en.pdf

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