Alcohol and Health Series: Talk With Youth About Alcohol

If you are thinking about talking to youth about alcohol, it can be hard to
know where to start. You might be unsure about the subject and you might
worry that if you raise the topic of alcohol, it will somehow encourage
experimentation. The intention of this resource is to help alleviate some of
these worries by providing you with information to help you talk to youth
about alcohol, and by encouraging you, as adults, to think about your answers
to these questions:

• What do my own decisions about alcohol role model?
• Do I know how to communicate with youth about alcohol
and health?
• Am I helping youth make responsible decisions?
• Am I helping youth to cope with pressure from their peer group?
• Do I understand why youth might use alcohol and how to recognize
the signs of alcohol use?

Being open and inviting conversations about alcohol can help give children
and teens the support and guidance they need to make healthy decisions.

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