2022 Red Shoes Rock Event Guidebook

Welcome to 2022 Red Shoes Rock FASD Event Guidebook.

We are excited you are choosing to join us on another year of adventures with FASD Awareness. Our team has put together a guidebook that goes along with the website http://www.redshoesrock.com.

This guidebook will help you build your event team and organize your event. We hope we are providing pages that will help you make decisions in planning that will not only make your event successful but also allow your team members to enjoy your event and celebration.

We also recommend you reach out to http://www.nofas.org and check on their current information for the month of September and FASDay. They offer ideas that make getting your proclamation and press releases noticed.

This year, our focus is to #SeeFASD and C.A.R.E. Our global team is working hard to C.A.R.E., dig deeper, and connect the dots to find missing pieces that are affecting the lives of the persons we love.

Our best to you,
Team Red Shoes Rock FASD Aware 2021

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