Beauty in Brain Differences: A Campaign to End FASD Stigma

This resource is from Pauktuutit which is a national non-profit organization representing Inuit women in Canada.

Our ‘Beauty in Brain Difference’ campaign is grounded in recognizing the strengths and challenges unique to people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Stigma around FASD is a barrier to people reaching out for help or getting diagnosed, it is a barrier to accessing important resources and needed support. Together let’s end FASD stigma and ensure all Inuit have support, care and community.


Alcohol in Inuit Nunangat has a specific history tied to the arrival of settlers, policies of assimilation that sought to destroy Inuit ways of life, and ongoing intergenerational trauma. FASD is not more common in Inuit or Indigenous communities, it exists wherever there is alcohol.

This toolkit was designed to support people working in the fields of maternal health and FASD in educating and challenging the stigma too often associated with this spectrum disorder. Below you’ll find a variety of different tools that we encourage you to download and share within your communities.

This work is by and for Inuit. Our Inuit-led research report provided the foundations upon which we built this campaign. We developed this toolkit with the help of our Inuit-specific FASD Community of Practice so that you can join us in reducing the stigma associated with FASD among Inuit.

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