Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health: Sex, Gender & Cannabis Hub is live!

We are pleased to announce that our Sex, Gender & Cannabis Hub is live!

What is the Sex, Gender & Cannabis Hub?
The Hub is a place for everyone to find up-to-date, evidence-based information about implications of sex, gender and equity for cannabis and health. The legalization of cannabis in Canada has increased the need for tailored information. The Hub will advance health practice, policy, and clinical care by providing new evidence and data analyses.

We will be continuously sharing and synthesizing the latest information on patterns of use, beliefs & attitudes, reproductive health, harm reduction, treatment, and more. We are creating a variety of resources: fact sheets, bulletins, research summaries, infographics, reports, and articles applicable to diverse audiences and any setting or need. Whether you are a community member, a service provider, researcher, or policymaker, we are sure you will find useful material in the Sex, Gender & Cannabis Hub.
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More About the Project
The Sex, Gender & Cannabis Hub is a curation of many sources of data and information with the goal of providing Canadians with reliable and up-to-date information on the intersections of sex, gender, and cannabis. We focus on gender transformative, equity oriented, harm reduction, and trauma-informed information, taking into account a range of intersecting factors that affect cannabis use and its impacts. We have a particular interest in the filling gaps in information to improve women’s health. We certainly could not do this alone, and greatly appreciate the contributions from all of our collaborators. We will be drawing from the following sources:

* We are fortunate to have the International Cannabis Policy Study (ICPS) Team from the University of Waterloo, led by Dr David Hammond, as partners. We are conducting a secondary analysis of the ICPS and will be drawing from ICPS and other survey data in future years.
* Conversations and feedback from our Communities of Inquiry with health care and treatment providers in a variety of expertise including Harm Reduction, Indigenous Reproductive Health, and Women’s Treatment.
* Ongoing literature reviews of the latest evidence on sex, gender & cannabis, conducted by our Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health research team.

To stay informed on the latest updates on the Sex, Gender & Cannabis Hub, subscribe to the Hub’s newsletter here, and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. We can also be reached by email at cewh@cw.bc.ca.

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