AGLC: Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines

You don’t have to be a cactus to appreciate the newest day of the week: DryDay!  That day or days of the week when you take a break from alcohol. Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines can help you mix in dry days.

Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines are based on the average person but the effects of alcohol vary greatly from one person to another so it’s important to know yourself. Weight and size, genetics, family history, mixing alcohol with other substances or medications, stress, hunger and lack of sleep can all change the way alcohol affects you.

In Alberta, alcohol is so much a part of social events that it is not usually thought of as a drug. However, alcohol is a drug and it is the drug used the most in Alberta. 76% of Albertans drink alcohol. However, the good news is the large majority drink responsibly. The proportion that drink harmfully varies by age group.

Source: 2015 Alcohol and Alberta Booklet, Alberta Health Services

What’s the Limit?

15 drinks per week for men. That’s three standard drinks on most days, four on special occasions.For Men
Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guide for Men
 10 drinks per week for women. That’s two standard drinks on most days, three on special occasions.For Women
Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guide for Women

85% of Albertans stay within Canada’s low-risk drinking guidelines

Want to find out where you fit? Take the quiz.

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