Film: Mental health and pregnancy

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In this film, you will see and hear women talking about their experiences of mental health problems during and after pregnancy. Researchers from the Canadian Health Experiences Research Group, at St. Mary’s Research Centre and McGill University, interviewed 21 women in Quebec and Ontario. We asked them about, for example, the challenges they encountered, what sorts of supports were helpful, as well as about what could be improved. This film presents key themes that were important to these women with examples from their stories. We hope that by listening to these women, people might reflect on their own experiences as a patient or someone who cares for someone with these problems, including friends, family and healthcare professionals, and help ‘trigger’ ideas about what could be done differently to improve the lived experiences of those with perinatal mental health problems.

Our sincere thanks to all the women who participated in this study.

We welcome feedback from anyone using this film, to know how and where it was viewed, and if it was helpful in some way.

We are grateful to the Royal Bank of Canada Foundation for providing financial support for this study.

This research is part of the Canadian Health Experiences Research Program:

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