Alberta: The FASD Patient Journey

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Executive Summary

In September 2018, the Alberta FASD Cross Ministry Committee initiated an FASD Patient Journey Project to examine the current state of FASD services and supports from the perspective of persons with FASD, their caregivers and their service providers. After 120 interviews in 34 communities across Alberta, the project team has captured not only their perspectives on service delivery but their frustrations, ideas, hopes and dreams as well.

These perspectives are captured throughout the report in the form of direct quotations. It is important to include these quotations as they provide a raw firsthand account of the challenges and complexities of FASD. They illustrate the daily struggles of FASD service providers, of caregivers and of persons living with FASD.

After capturing and analyzing these perspectives, the project team has produced recommendations they believe will address the many concerns of the persons interviewed.

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Randal Bell
Provincial Planning and Capacity Management Provincial Addiction and Mental Health

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