Global News: Alberta premier announces money for 76 new addiction treatment beds

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has announced funding for dozens of spaces at private addictions treatment facilities, saying that addressing addictions is a priority even as the province trims spending during tough times.

Kenney told an audience at Fresh Start Recovery Centre in Calgary on Saturday the addictions crisis in recent years is being fuelled by economic despair, and that the funding follows a commitment his government made last year to fund 4,000 spaces in treatment centres over three years.

The announcement comes after Kenney said earlier this month that the province could close or relocate supervised drug consumption sites based on a panel report he says affirms concerns the sites are causing disruption in surrounding neighbourhoods.

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Fresh Start will receive up to $1.6 million each year to fund 30 of its 50 beds which translates to nearly 300 treatment spaces over three years. Kenney says only one bed is currently publicly funded.

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