CBC: Alcohol culture ballooned during pandemic, led to more problematic drinking: experts

Laura Sciarpelletti · CBC News · Posted: Sep 11, 2023 1:00 AM MDT  Retrieved from https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/alcohol-pandemic-problematic-1.6957266?_cldee=iB2pLKoOR5kQwa7YBQYisJ1z61So5FJ_qp8yBE3rYp2T1-Y29Oxgs91Zg-_i6OHq&recipientid=contact-e551c9199c4ce8118147480fcff4b171-50b1b90fb8e3421b9c49e46cc5c61ef4&esid=f3b03f03-6a51-ee11-be6f-000d3a09c3d2 The COVID-19 pandemic was a time of unknowns. It brought confusion, anxiety, fear,

CTV News: Study finds women unaware of the risks associated with cannabis during pregnancy

A woman exhales after taking a hit from a bong during the annual 4/20 cannabis culture celebration at Sunset Beach in Vancouver, B.C., on Wednesday

Alcohol policies in every province, territory receive failing grade in meeting public health standards: report

Melissa Lopez-Martinez CTVNews.ca Writer, Published Saturday, June 3, 2023  Retrieved from https://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/health/alcohol-policies-in-every-province-territory-receive-failing-grade-in-meeting-public-health-standards-report-1.6426370?_cldee=3Kpgi_wNnQ0K1IJU1B0rwye_LHQsE4xVHdEjyAOwYtWg1q0d0HPGgBWkMMB8dRN6&recipientid=contact-e551c9199c4ce8118147480fcff4b171-7e24a2b19d6147bcb5e1523aca1b6bd0&esid=3dd71067-a503-ee11-8f6e-000d3a09c3d2 All ten provinces and three territories received a failing grade on meeting public

CBC: Canada’s got a drinking problem — and one senator says Ottawa needs to step up

John Paul Tasker · CBC News · Posted: May 22, 2023 2:00 AM MDT Retrieved from https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/tasker-canada-alcohol-problem-health-warning-labels-1.6850180?_cldee=G4u939s-N39UB_WbBdTNvKmU3-70Rhedg6lprTjaWnI2LgJGkTy8wULMdOJmLoBh&recipientid=contact-e551c9199c4ce8118147480fcff4b171-8c354ee64776438dab739716fd6e2d3d&esid=65e2e0dd-64f9-ed11-8f6e-000d3a09c3d2 The federal government pitched a sizeable increase to the alcohol excise tax

Global News: Majority of Canadians won’t change drinking habits in light of new guidelines: poll

By Katie Dangerfield  Global News Posted March 12, 2023 1:00 am Retrieved from https://globalnews.ca/news/9533914/canadian-drinking-habits-health-canada-guidelines/?_cldee=XCRCBSbgwdM6-J-z8Ifzm8YljTjlRb_db9PP_WtmcJwCbAynU6svmdOcao_EO_zr&recipientid=contact-e551c9199c4ce8118147480fcff4b171-304a313a28394204b4d4c780d20bc789&esid=d41d8797-b1c1-ed11-b597-000d3a09c3d2 Nearly three-quarters of Canadians say they aren’t changing their drinking habits despite recent national guidelines

Canada’s National Observer: ‘I thought the world was coming down’: Sen. Patrick Brazeau draws on personal struggle to fight for alcohol warning labels

By Matteo Cimellaro | News, Urban Indigenous Communities in Ottawa | February 6th 2023 Warning: This story contains distressing details of self-harm Patrick Brazeau, a non-affiliated senator, is candid about his

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