Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: A systematic review of the cost of and savings from prevention in the United States and Canada

The literature on the costs of and savings from prevention of Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) was reviewed and a model for the US and Canada of projected savings based on the expansion of existing evidence-based prevention models was presented.

Researchers conducted a systematic review of published literature on the cost of FASD prevention and interviewed experts in the field. Evidence-based prevention programs were applied to women at the highest risk to have a future child with fetal alcohol syndrome leading to the reduction in the cost of prevention of one case by $1,215,600 in the US.

This is a 62 fold cost savings compared with the cost of preventing one case among all women who drink. These findings support the expansion of risk-based prevention strategies for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in the US and Canada as economically efficient and worthwhile for society.


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