Bow Valley College: CERTIFICATE Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Education

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Program Description

This certificate prepares you to care for individuals with FASD.

One of the unique challenges of FASD is the different ways it can impact people. This is due to the variety of ways alcohol affects brain development. The conditions include mental health issues, addictions, school difficulty, and difficulties maintaining employment.

To help you develop the skills to help those with FASD, you will study addiction, the justice system, and more. This program is suitable for graduates of Bow Valley College’s diploma programs in Practical Nurse, Early Learning and Child Care, Education Assistant, Disability Studies, Addiction Studies, and Justice Studies.

The focus on FASD is growing, as is the demand for those with the knowledge to support it. This is the only program offered at this level in Canada.

This program is offered online. Students have up to three years to complete online courses and their practicum. Students have a maximum of four months to complete each course.


  • MAY 02, 2019
  • AUGUST 29, 2019
  • JANUARY 07, 2020
  • MAY 04, 2020

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