Have you heard… CCSA has officially launched their new website!


CCSA is pleased to inform you that they have officially launched their new website!

Over the past year, they have been working hard on revamping the CCSA website. During the development process, they consulted stakeholders, partners and staff to help create a site that works for every user. With the help of their partners’ feedback and suggestions, they carefully designed the site to ensure that our information is easy to find and accessible.

Key features of the new CCSA website include:

  • Over 350 publications in both English and French;
  • A revamped publications section, featuring popular subjects and series, as well as featured, recent and popular publications;
  • A dedicated news section that highlights CCSA News, CCSA in the News (media interviews), Addiction News Daily and CCSA’s podcast, The Evidence;
  • A snapshot feature on the homepage that provides a quick look at key activities and events in which CCSA is involved; and
  • A dedicated experts section that helps you easily find over 25 leading experts at CCSA.

The launch of their new website is an important milestone for CCSA. It implements multiple components of their web strategy while greatly improving their ability to raise their profile and visibility. It provides improved accessibility and search ability. The site organizes all their research and information, making it easy for our users to find and use it. Finally, as their research and resources expand to meet the needs of more communities, their website will be able do the same.

If you have any questions about the new website, please direct them to info@ccsa.ca.

Click here to check out the new site!



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