FASD Deutschland e.V. – Filmprojekt Fulda 2018

This film was to be prepared for the EUFASD Conference 2018 in Berlin.

In a brainstorming session many ideas were collected, which messages should come from Germany. From the ranks of the participants came the idea of a picture / a symbol to represent the consequences of prenatal alcohol consumption. There were many ideas, a house with a broken foundation, a brain, etc. But a look into nature brought this brilliant idea.

A tree whose roots are in the alcohol and on the one hand good fruits and on the other side withered fruits. The good fruits indicate what people with FASD can or have achieved, the withered fruit, the negative thing that can happen to people with FASD.

After the idea was born and developed, the implementation with crayons and paper by the group of adults with FASD began.

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