Changing The Conversation

Changing the conversation (1)

Current or past experiences of violence and trauma are one of the major reasons a woman may continue to drink throughout her pregnancy. Being a “trauma informed” service provider, community and citizen means learning to see every aspect of your support from the perspective of a woman who has experienced or is experiencing violence or trauma.

A strong relationship: Violence, trauma and FASD

In a study of 80 mothers who had given birth to a child with FASD:

  • 95% had been seriously sexually, physically or emotionally abused as a child or adult
  • 80% had a major mental illness, with the most prevalent (77%) being Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • 72% felt unable to reduce their alcohol use because they were in abusive relationships

Working from a trauma-informed perspective means changing how we think and talk about alcohol use in pregnancy.

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