The Conversation: How Alcohol Effects Our Bodies and Brains

Part 1: What is alcohol and how does it make us drunk?

What is it in alcoholic beverages that makes us intoxicated and where does it come from? And what is special about the molecule in alcohol that makes it so easy for us to ingest and get drunk from?

Part 2: What happens after you take your first sip of beer?

What happens after we take our first sip? How does alcohol make its way from our lips into our stomach and then onto our brain? This video explains how alcohol enters the bloodstream and why our bodies very efficient system for processing nutrients also explains how we get drunk.

Part 3: How does alcohol affect the brain?

How does alcohol affect the brain and why do we keep drinking if it can makes us feel ill and do (or say) silly things?

Part 4: What do we feel at different stages of intoxication?

What do we feel at different stages of intoxication? It’s hard to match the number of drinks to how drunk we’ll feel, but your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) can give a pretty good indication of what you’re likely to feel and when. This video will take you through the different stages (and why you should drink responsibly).

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