Alcohol, Pregnancy and Partner Support

Many women are more likely to avoid alcohol during pregnancy if their partners support them in doing so. One of the first steps we can

Researchers Discover That Motherhood Is Not a Magical Way to Quit Drinking

Tracy Clark-Flory Filed to: MOTHERHOOD A new Australian study has found that women tend to reduce their boozing while pregnant and in the first year after

Research: The Importance of Intimate Partner Violence in Within‐Relationship and Between‐Person Risk for Alcohol‐Exposed Pregnancy

Arielle R. Deutsch First published: 30 January 2019 Abstract Background Preconceptual prevention programs geared toward reducing alcohol‐exposed pregnancy (AEP) typically emphasize behavioral change of alcohol

The Conversation: How Alcohol Effects Our Bodies and Brains

Part 1: What is alcohol and how does it make us drunk? What is it in alcoholic beverages that makes us intoxicated and where does

Registration OPEN: Building Better Bridges: A Shared Understanding of FASD (Edmonton, AB)

Building Better Bridges: A Shared Understanding of FASD is a one day, FREE, conference for parents, caregivers and service providers. This interactive event will provide

CBC: Many pregnant women still consume alcohol despite prenatal checks: U of M study

CBC News · Posted: Feb 19, 2019 12:53 PM CT | Last Updated: February 19 Educators, health-care workers and parents from across the country are in Sudbury,

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