CanFASD: Top FASD Articles of 2018

The articles below were selected by a group of Canada FASD Research Network (CanFASD) staff, researchers, and Family Advisory Committee members to highlight some of

Key brain area plays a crucial role in addiction

By Ana Sandoiu New research finds that the cerebellum, a large part of the human brain that scientists thought was primarily involved in motor control, may

The Globe and Mail: Canada’s new food guide takes a tougher stance on alcohol

A move by Ottawa to use Canada’s food guide to drill home the dangers of chronic alcohol use caught some nutrition and addiction experts by

New guidelines may reduce risk of legal marijuana in youth

Dr. Brian Goldman · CBC News · January 21 Bongs or water pipes are generally preferable to avoid smoking marijuana although they increase other risks, the authors of new


Yellowknife Mayor Rebecca Alty supporting the YKACL healthy pregnancy campaign. Submitted photo Condoms and pregnancy tests will be available in Yellowknife liquor stores and some

In the News: AHS looking to improve FASD services

Executive program manager for the Lakeland Centre for FASD, Lisa Murphy, encourages clients to participate in the FASD Patient Journey Project. HEALTHCARE AHS looking to

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