Curriculum Guide: ‘Take Care’, a toolkit that focuses on girls’ health and wellness

With the support of the Public Health Agency of Canada and the collaboration with the BC Centre for Excellence for Women’s Health, Girls Action developed “Take Care” an unprecendented toolkit for girls’ programmers that focuses on girls’ health and wellness. Take Care includes resources, workshop guides and helpful information for anyone who works with girls and young women.

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About Girls Action Foundation

Girls Action Foundation works to improve girls’ and young women’s access to resources and opportunities. Initiatives create opportunities for them to discover their power and gain the confidence to take action in their communities. At Girls Action we are committed to building a movement of active, engaged individuals and organizations across Canada. Through this movement, we envision a new generation committed to creating a more just society for all.

Girls Action was founded in 1995 as a grassroots organization that delivered programming to girls and young women in the Ottawa area. As a result of growing needs and frequent requests for more programming, Girls Action’s reach has expanded. Local girls’ programs continue to be delivered in Montreal, in addition, we have a national young women’s leadership program and we convene a national network of more than 300 organizations that offer girls’ programs in communities across Canada.


• Build girls’ and young women’s self-awareness and self-esteem

• Increase girls’ and young women’s awareness of and ability address issues of violence

• Foster the development of girls’ and young women’s critical thinking and communications skills

• Improve girls’ and young women’s awareness of and ability to access resources and mentorship in their communities

• Increase girls’ and young women’s experience and skills in community action and leadership

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