Red Shoes Rock: Start the Conversation About FASD!

In their hopes to make Edmonton and the surrounding area the most ‘FASD Friendly’ place in Canada, the  Edmonton and area Fetal Alcohol Network is hosting their Red Shoes Rock: Start the FASD Conversation challenge (open to anyone anywhere). But we think, working together, we can make Alberta the most ‘FASD Friendly’ province in this country. Let’s all join the conversation and rock some red shoes as we educate and inform all of our communities about FASD, its prevention, and how we can help to support children, youth, adults, caregivers, and communities whose lives are impacted by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Please see below for more information!Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 2.32.14 PM

Why Rock in Red?

There are tens of thousands of people and their families living with FASD who:

  • Need friends and understanding.
  • Need support to live safely in our communities.
  • Need to participate in life and have a purpose.

The color RED often signifies life!

  • Red signals stop and take immediate action.
  • Red is a warm, strong and positive color. 
  • Red is energizing and stands out.

Red excites emotions and motivates us to take action!

Red Shoes? Where did this all start?

Now, that is a good question!

With RJ Formanek, founder of the very successful Facebook support group for adults with FASD called Flying with Broken Wings. 

RJ Formanek is an adult with FASD and he decided to wear RED SHOES to stand out, be noticed and have some fun starting the FASD conversation with strangers in 2013. Back then it was all about:

  1. Turning invisibility into visibility
  2. Creating conversation
  3. Changing stigma into understanding and acceptance

In 2014, Jodee Kulp, from Better Endings New Beginnings, a graphic designer and parent of an adult with FASD stepped in to help him build visibility and get the word out – she has continued to be the Little Engine That Could behind this grassroots all-volunteer movement. The goal was to build awareness and momentum to celebrate FASDay. We hoped Red Shoes would help more people notice International FASDay on September 9.

The Logos

You are free to mix and match any of their logo artwork to fit your local campaign. Please email if you need original artwork. 






RedShoe-DecalLimited $$$ for RED SHOES? – Red Flip Flops, Red Socks, Red Shoelaces and Red Toenails all qualify. Or simply join us to participate in the FUN and the FASD conversation!


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