Pregnancy Website: Ready or Not Alberta

Whether you’re ready to have a baby or not, it’s healthy to have a plan. This is important for both men and women.

What is Ready Or Not?

Even with the high quality of healthcare that is available in Alberta, there are still health problems for mothers and babies that could be improved with changes to health behaviours before pregnancy. Ready Or Not covers that time before pregnancy.

We know that there are steps a women can take before pregnancy that can make a big difference to her health before and during pregnancy. There are also steps that a man can take to improve his sexual health and overall wellbeing to help conceive a healthy baby with his partner. Knowing about these steps can help you make choices that support you, your partner and your future child.

Remember that not having a baby takes some healthy thinking too. So even if you are not ready for a baby right now, it is healthy to have a plan.

How to use this site:

This site has been designed knowing that you need different kinds of information based on your stage of life and your plans for having (or not having) children.

There are two equal but different paths on the site that take you to information for those who are “ready” or for those who are “not ready” to think about baby-making. Follow the path that is right for you. Within each “sign-post” topic, there is information for both males and females.

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