What makes you reach for the bottle?

Edmonton and area Fetal Alcohol Network Society


Like it or not, you might well recognize one of these drinking ‘characters’ – have a think about each of them and decide if you might like to make some changes to your own drinking.

  • The stress-head
  • The dinner time guzzler
  • The sports fan
  • The ‘relax’, it’s the weekend! drinker

When you pour a glass of wine or ping the cap off a beer, do you ever think about what your motivation is?

Whether reaching for the corkscrew after a hard day at work or having a few beers in front of the football, there are certain situations that tend to go hand in hand with a drink.

Which of these characters best reflects your reasons for drinking alcohol?

The stress-head:

You’ve done a solid eight hours in the office, up against deadlines, a demanding boss and fussy clients. When you fall in the front door, blood pressure sky high, a…

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