The Mother-Child Study: Evaluating Treatments for Substance-Using Women

Mothercraft’s Breaking the Cycle (BTC) is one of Canada’s first prevention and early intervention programs for pregnant women and mothers who are substance-involved, and their young children. Its objective is to reduce risk and enhance the development of substance-exposed children by addressing maternal substance use problems and the mother-child relationship.

The objectives of the Mother-Child Study were to expand on the previous evaluations of BTC in two ways:

1) evaluate the effectiveness of the program as it relates to various aspects of mother’s lives in comparison to a contemporary integrated program for mothers who had substance use problems

2) understand the process of change for mothers and children at BTC.

Take a peak at the study!

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A final word: An authentic relationship-focused intervention holds mothers and their children together at the heart of program and service provision. All services and programs are directed towards building relationship capacity between women and children, and between women and others in their lives. This includes the organization that is delivering the services, so that women can build strong relationships with service providers and can see appropriate relationships modeled by providers, both within and without the organization.

  • Child Functioning Relationship Between Mother and Child
  • Relationship Between Staff and Families
  • Relationships Among Staff Relationships Among Community Agencies
  • Relationship-Based Theoretical Frameworks

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