New Book, Mothers, Addiction and Recovery: Finding Meaning Through the Journey

This anthology is a collection of personal accounts, research, treatment approaches and policy commentary exploring women’s experiences of mothering in the context of addiction. Individual

The Globe and Mail: What Canada’s doctors are concerned about with marijuana legalization

KELLY GRANT HEALTH REPORTER As Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government tables its long-awaited marijuana legislation, Canada’s doctors have a message about pot: Just because it will eventually

Women and Alcohol: You want to know about my drinking? I lost my friends, my children, my mind. I did not want to be.

In a stunning series, Ann Dowsett Johnston reports that women are driving an unprecedented surge in alcohol consumption. How close to the limit are you?

Take Home Message for Women

Women need to know that alcohol affects them differently than men, and that it is safest not to consume alcohol when pregnant. To be low

Rate of Substance Abuse High Among Pregnant Teens: Study

By: JOIN TOGETHER STAFF Almost 60 percent of pregnant teens say they have used one or more substances in the past year, nearly double the

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