CCSA: Alcohol Use and Suicide Facts

Of the 4,000 suicide deaths in Canada every year, almost one in four involves alcohol. Meanwhile, people have reported an increase in their drinking since the start of the pandemic. With these facts in mind, we partnered with the Mental Health Commission of Canada to create a resource to help reduce the risk of suicide.

Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction

The Alcohol Use and Suicide: Fact Sheet explains what is known about the relationship between alcohol and suicide, and provides strategies to help reduce the risks. This new resource can be used both by individuals and at the community level.

Did you know:

  • Alcohol intoxication increases the odds of a suicide attempt being fatal.
  • The risk of engaging in suicidal behaviour is three times greater for people with alcohol use disorder.
  • Alcohol use disorder is the second-most common mental health disorder in people who have died by suicide — and it often occurs with major depression, the most common mental health disorder.

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