Unintended Pregnancy Options Workbook

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There are many feelings when a woman discovers she is pregnant. There is disbelief and shock as well as often, anger, pride, happiness, depression and anxiety. It can be difficult to think about what to do. It can be hard to know who to talk to about this problem.

In order to make a good decision for yourself you will need reliable information on all your options, some space and time to yourself and a person to talk to when you want to talk during this decision-making process. It is not always easy to make a decision when faced with an unintended pregnancy, but remember that it is YOUR decision and ultimately you need to make it for yourself.

It is hoped that this guide will help you sort out your feelings and make a decision. If you choose to, you can work through it with your partner, parent or other support person.

Click here to download the guide that provides information on all the choices you can make — abortion, adoption, and being a parent.

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