What are the Wellness Dimensions?


Career & Academic Wellness

Career and academic wellness is about having something to do and somewhere to go that is personally satisfying and gives you a sense of contribution or giving back to society.

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Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is about feeling good and managing the ups and downs of life in a positive way.

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Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness is about living and traveling in safe and secure environments and being responsible for your impact on the world around you.

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Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is about managing the money that you have in a way that allows you to meet your personal goals.

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Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is about fitness, strength and flexibility, nutritious eating habits, avoidance of harmful substances and seeking health care assistance when you need to.

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Social & Cultural Wellness

Social and cultural wellness is about interacting with others in a way that improves your sense of support and belonging.

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Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is about knowing yourself and what you believe in and making choices that support this.

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For more information please visit: http://wellnessnetworkedmonton.com/wellness-dimensions/

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